Crimbo Town (2005)

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
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Crimbo Town, which lies in the middle of The Big Mountains, is the home of Uncle Crimbo -- famed sweatshop boss.

Bring back toy parts from the Toy Factory, and Uncle Crimbo will make toys for you.
Buy food or booze from the Crimbo Cafe for a rush of sugar!
Fight with elves! Get toy bits!
Fight with reindeer! Get trophies!


  • Opened on December 20, 2005.
  • On January 1, 2006, a game announcement read:
In Kingdom News today, Uncle Crimbo and his elves have apparently agreed to a new work contract, and the weeks-long Crimbo strike has ended. Inside sources say that included among the concessions made by Uncle Crimbo to the elves were a "footstool slush fund" and "access to the 'grown-up' eggnog." Details regarding the long-awaited Elvish Dentistry School education vouchers are sketchy at this time.

In related news, Crimbo Town has inexplicably vanished from the Big Mountains.
  • Closed on January 2, 2006. Attempts to reach it via the "Last Adventure" link gave the following message:
Crimbo Town has faded away for this year. Check back next Crimbo!