Cranberry cordial

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cranberry cordial
cranberry cordial

This potion is the deep red color of cranberry juice, which reminds you of the refreshing spray of ocean waves, for some reason. Why? Best not to think about it too hard.

Maybe because ocean water is really salty? Like blood, which is also salty, and is very red, like this potion. ...See? I told you not to think about it too hard. Just look at that nonsense justification you came up with. Jeez.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 36 Meat.
Effect: Cranberry Cordiality (5 Adventures)+10% Meat from Monsters

(In-game plural: cranberry cordials)
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Item number: 3474
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Lovepotion.gif cranberries scrumptious reagent
Equals.gif cranberry cordial

When Used

You drink the chalky potion, and chalk the chalkiness up to the cranberries.
Cran.gifYou acquire an effect: Cranberry Cordiality
(duration: 5-15 Adventures)


  • The "refreshing spray of ocean waves" is a reference to Ocean Spray, a major manufacturer of cranberry juice.


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