Conditional Drops

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Hermit.gif The Hermit humbly requests that this page be rewritten or expanded.

This page is badly out of date, thanks to changes in the game since 2009 (and also contains just plain errors). Needs overhaul to explain how item drops actually work, and to list correct conditions.
Conditional drops are items that will only drop from a certain monster if a particular set of conditions is met.

Types of Conditions

The condition that a conditional drop must satisfy in order to be able to drop can be one or more of the following. The list may not be an exhaustive list of all conditions that exist within the game's code.

  • Character has Torso Awaregness. This applies to most shirts which only drop when you know about your torso.
  • Character is of the correct class. Some monsters, like The Clownlord Beelzebozo and the Jilted Mistress drop different items depending on your character's class. That is to say, the monster will only drop a given item if you are of the matching class.
  • Monster is in the correct location. Historically this condition applied to monsters such as skeletal sommeliers, gremlins and possessed wine racks, whose drops depended on where they were encountered.
  • Random number is within a certain range. This can also apply to otherwise guaranteed drops to make random drops unaffected by item bonuses, such as Hobopolis non-outfit items and the gnawed-up dog bone.
  • Player does or does not have a certain amount of an item in his inventory. This conditional is applied to some quest items, as well as to the drops of the gelatinous cube. A player can only have at most 2 snakehead charrrms (or 1 Talisman o' Namsilat) at a time, for example.
    • Player has/hasn't seen a particular item drop in this ascension. This condition is applied to most quest items, most of which a player can only get one of in an ascension. Typically, once a player has acquired a certain amount of an item, the item will no longer drop. The water-polo mitt is such an item, as is the snakehead charrrm.
  • Player has/hasn't accomplished some task. Some items will only drop after you have done something particular in the game. All of the items that are unlocked by talking to Grandpa have this conditional applied to them. In particular, the water-polo mitt has this condition, as well as the condition that only one can be obtained in an ascension.
  • The item is in a set of mutually-exclusive drops. Some monsters will drop only 1 out of a set of possible items at a time, such as the swarm of fire ants dropping their familiar equipment items, or the swarm of scarab beatles dropping their shirts, or Hobo Bosses dropping their outfit pieces.
  • A Monster drops only a single copy of an item, but the drop rate changes based on certain conditions. For instance, the whitesnake drops a bird rib at 20% base rate if you have not yet talked to Mr. Alarm, but at 35% if you have talked to him. This means that there are two different bird rib drops, each of which has a conditional which is mutually exclusive with the other. Similar conditionals are on lion oil, grave robbing shovels, sabre teeth, and all drops from the C. H. U. M. (whose rates depend on the monster's image).
  • Trivially conditional: This condition is always true. Historically, this condition was used to prevent pickpocketing and yellow ray-ing. Nowadays, those are their own flags, separate from conditionality.
  • Other. Various other conditions may exist within the game that are not yet noticed or thoroughly understood by the players.