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The following is a list of links to pages that expand or contribute to the Kingdom of Loathing community.

KoL at Coldfront is the official unofficial KoL fan site. It's Jick-tested, Skullhead-approved, and hosts this very wiki. It is also home to the The Well-Tempered Mixologist, Epicure, and Anvil, as well as the Marketplace mall-tracking application.
The Community of Loathing Photo Gallery is a gallery of photos of Kingdom of Loathing players, maintained by phyphor.
This site is the location of some helpful KoL tools, such as Tour de Louvre, Tripping the Fog Fantastic, and The Wumpinator.
This is the unofficial radio station of /c games.
The Kingdom of Loathing Players Community is a KoL player community blog, hosted via LiveJournal.
This is a very detailed search engine that you can use to look up players’ ascension records.
Stalking The Powers that Be ... on Facebook.
Pop Goes the Loathing is a catalog of pop-culture references found in the Kingdom of Loathing.
Radio KoL is the official unofficial radio station of the Kingdom of Loathing.
The Kingdom of Loathing Display Case Database is a searchable collection of KoL collections.
A Consumer is You! Get all of your KoL merchandise here.

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