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Adventurer, $1.99

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Adventurer, $1.99
Adventurer, $1.99

Deep in the bowels of The "Fun" House, you encounter a large iron door with a hideous clown face painted on it. The nose glows with a deep, throbbing, and sinister red light.

Push the nose
  • With 3 Clownosity or fewer:

The clown's eyes pop open, and glow with a malevolent red light as they look you up and down. Then, the hallway fills with the sound of hideous mocking laughter as the clown's mouth opens, and a napalm-cream pie springs out, coating you with flaming jellied petroleum. The experience is incredibly painful, and not particularly amusing.

HPYou lose 22-300 (scales with level) hit points.

Something tells you you wouldn't have gotten that reaction if you looked more like a clown. That something is this bit of really obvious exposition.

  • With 4 Clownosity or more:
Lurking at the Threshold
Lurking at the Threshold

Let sleeping doors lie

You decide that whatever's behind that door, it's probably something you don't want to be messing with right now. You're pretty happy with that decision.

Occurs at The "Fun" House.



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