Clay Is Great, But Leather Is Bether

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Clay Is Great, But Leather Is Bether
Clay Is Great, But Leather Is Bether

You wander into the Villagee Pub(e?) and see the leather mug salesman and the potter sitting across the room from each other in uncomfortable silence. You walk up to the bar, very aware of their stares following you, and order a beer.

"Forsooth, good gentleperson, I wouldst be happy to give thee an ale," he says, "but in what kind of mug wouldst thou like it?"

"Well," you muse, "leather mugs are really cool looking, and they give a drink that ineffable je ne sais cow quality...but then again, a ceramic mug keeps the drink colder. But leather mugs are durable, and ceramic mugs can shatter. But then again, leather is tanned with, like, urine and gross chemicals...but I suppose the glaze on ceramic mugs isn't all that healthy, either. You know what? Could I just get that in a paper cup?"

"A PAPER CUP?!" the leather mug salesman and potter shout in unison. Then they spend the next several minutes pelting you with whatever's in arm's reach -- straw, clay, bits of leather, wooden benches, whatever they can find.

You wait until their anger is spent, then grab up all the loot they've blessed you with, drink some water out of your own cupped hands, and get gone.

Straw.gifYou acquire 3 piles of straw
Leather.gifYou acquire 3 piles of leather
Clay.gifYou acquire 3 lumps of clay

Occurs in Ye Olde Medievale Villagee, semi-rarely.