Cinnamon troll doll

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cinnamon troll doll
cinnamon troll doll

This is an adorable little candy-scented doll of a wild-haired troll. Shimmering waves of heat rise from its fiery mane. Think twice before you use hairspray on it. Actually, more than twice. Think as many times as it takes you to not use hairspray on it at all.

Type: combat item (reusable)
Cannot be discarded

Deals 3-5 Hot Damage

(In-game plural: cinnamon troll dolls)
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Obtained From

The Lollipop Forest

When Used

  • First round:
You set the cinnamon troll doll on the ground and it immediately charges your opponent, dealing 3-5 damage with an absolutely precious little headbutt.
  • Other rounds:
Your cinnamon troll doll continues to rub its hair on your opponent, dealing an additional 3-5 damage.
  • Trying to use the doll twice in one fight:
I don't have a horse in this fight, but you've already got a cinnamon troll in this fight.


  • Does 3-5 Hot damage per round.

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