Chori Zo

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Name:Chori Zo
Age:Schoolgirl (of course)
Height:Long in the Leg
Alignment:Pure Sunshine
Hair Color:Burnt Umber
Eye Color:Peridot
Record:# / #

From Mexico by way of China by way of Japan, Chori Zo has sent waves of cuteness rolling over KWE, decimating everything in her path. She was born in Mexico City, but moved to China as a foreign exchange student because Mexican public schools didn't have cute, disturbingly sexy school uniforms. After school she continued wearing the uniform and traveled to Japan to have her nose reduced, eyes embiggened, and legs lengthened.

Despite obvious personal issues, Chori Zo is a force to be reckoned with in the wrestling ring. She's not as strong as other female fighters, but makes up for it in speed and bucketloads of cute. Fighters are frequently caught off-guard by her shimmering peridot eyes, only to find themselves flat on their back in the first round.

Outside of the ring, Chori Zo keeps to herself, though she is fanatically devoted to whichever wrestler she's dating this week. Though alliances are made and broken quickly in the world of Kingdom Wrestling, she is devoted to the good side. Because, after all, evil just isn't as cute as good.


Fight Messages

  • Entrance:
...all the way from Little Mexico in Tokyo, it's everyone's favorite kawaaaaiiii chica, the beautiful and deadly CHORI ZO! Muy Caliente!
  • The crowd cheers as Chori Zo prepares to use her special attack, "Tears of the Schoolgirl!"
  • Chori Zo folds her hands, bows her head, and cries big, cute, anime tears. <opponent> tries to comfort her, and when he/she lets his/her guard down, Chori Zo knocks him/her flat. BAP!
  • Chori Zo folds her hands, bows her head, and cries big, cute, anime tears. However, <opponent> resists the all-encompassing cuteness and throws the smack down on her, nonetheless.
  • The crowd cheers as Chori Zo prepares to use her special attack, "Spectral Jellyfish Kick!"
  • Chori Zo summons a glowing blue jellyfish around her right foot. She starts kicking faster than the eye can follow, and certainly faster than <opponent> can dodge. BAP!
  • Chori Zo summons a glowing blue jellyfish around her right foot. However, <opponent> grabs her other foot and flips her like a light switch before she can start kicking.
  • A tic-tac-toe grid appears on Chori Zo's temple and she furiously pummels <opponent>! BAP! BAP! BAP!
  • Ropes:
shouts, "OMG Kawaaaaaaiiii, señores y señoras!"

Gift Responses

  • Weapon:
OMG kawaaaaaiiii! I ken beet the cr@p out of peeps with this! Thxxxxxxxxx! XOXOXOXXOXOXO ^____^
  • Armor:
OMG I hope this doent haid mai kawaaaaaiiii uniform!11!!!! tytytyty!!!!11!!!@@@ XOXO
  • Feast:
W000t this is gud fud!!!11!!! TYTYTYTYTY! OMG I hope I dont get phat! jk lol bai.
  • Food:
W0000t sum gud fud!!!1!!! W8, this fud is not so gud O________o. OK it prolly tastes good, tho! ThXxXxxxxx! ^_____^
  • Cocktail:
O_O OMG KAWAAAAAAAIIIIIII!!!!111!!!!!111!!!!! i cant drink this it is soooo cayuuuuute!!!11!!! i feel sooooo bad drinking it!!!11!!! it tastes really good tho and is so kawaaaaaii!!!111!!! ty!!!111!!! ^_____^
  • Cordial:
OMG that wuz soooo sweeeeeeeet!1!!!!!!!1! ty u r so kewl!11!!! u might even be kewler than me (jk)!!!11!!! tttttttyyyyy!!11!!! ^_____^
  • Booze:
OMG booze!!!11!!! awesuuuum!!!11!! i cant bai booze cuz they always card me !_! ty ty and cum cheer me on, kk?!!? ttyl!!!
  • Beer:
OMG ur tew kewl!11!!! i luuuvvvv beer!!!111!!! ur such a sweeeeetie!!!11!!! make sure n cheer me on, kk?!!?!!? i <3 u ^_____^
  • Spleen:
OMG tx 4 the boost!!!111!!! im so happy i just want to dance!!!111! ty ty ur sooooo kewwwwwl!11!!! im gonna win just 4 u ^_______________^
  • Misc:
@_@ wut duz this do?!?!!?!!?!!? I will trai and find out, kk? KTHXBAI!!!!111!!!111!!!!


  • Chori Zo's appearance seems to be a blend of Chun-Li (from Street Fighter II) and Sailor Moon. Her "Spectral Jellyfish Kick" attack is a reference to Chun Li's move "Hyakuretsu Kyaku" (Hundred Tearing Kicks).
  • Chorizo is a Spanish spiced pork sausage also widely found in Mexico. Uncooked chorizo can also be found in the Kingdom.
  • Her gender is a reference to Strong Bad of Homestar Runner, who sometimes refers to women as "lady-types."
  • The word "embiggened" comes from the Simpsons episode "Lisa the Iconoclast". (It's a perfectly cromulent word.)
  • The "tic-tac-toe grid" appearing on Chori Zo's temple is a common anime/manga sight gag that represents a bulging vein, indicating anger or frustration.
  • Her entire way of speaking is a reference to how people communicate in internet chat rooms that is heavily influenced by various conventions in anime. See the Anime Smiley.

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