Chinatown Shops (shop)

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Were you looking for the Chinatown Shops adventure zone?

Chinatown Shops is an unlockable store in The Suspicious-Looking Guy's Shady Past.

Marketdemon.gif You enter the back-in-business Chinatown Shops.

Items Sold

Item: Price:
Fortune.gif fortune cookie 40 Meat
Abacus.gif brass abacus 150 Meat
Beer.gif cheap Chinese beer 250 Meat
Beerbottle.gif bottle of limeade 300 Meat
Rhinohorn.gif rhinoceros horn 375 Meat
Pinkpillow.gif furry pink pillow 500 Meat
Tatsleeves.gif novelty tattoo sleeves 1,000 Meat
Toytai.gif toy taijijian 1,000 Meat
Bonsai.gif bonsai tree 1,500 Meat
Kittystatue.gif lucky cat statue 2,000 Meat