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Why not keep a table of all utensils showing requirements and +spell bonus?

I mean, the main use of utensils is the +spell damage, as stated already in the category's header. If you search for the keyword "utensils", you're quite probably looking for which is the best utensil (spell damagewise) you can use now (limited by current muscle). Well, at least I was, before submitting the recently deleted contribution to this page.

I don't understand why it was deleted. Sure, it's redundant. but it gives all the info you really need about utensils in a single table, rather than having to click on a couple dozen links, which frustrated me enough to actually contribute to the wiki...

--Atan November 5, 2006

  • The deleted table was actually the third roughly equilivent version of lists of spell damage items. The complete list (already linked to from the category) is at Bonus Spell Damage (no need to click on a couple dozen links). There is also a marginal list compiled at Spellslinging. We intentionally don't have lists of X that do Y (utensils that do spell damage, hats that give combat initiative, etc.) - there would be a huge number of such lists. Instead, we have "master" lists of everything that gives Y (in this case, Bonus Spell Damage). --Gymnosophist 14:41, 5 November 2006 (CST)
  • Ok, now I understand, so thanks for the answer. I guess I should take more time reading about the local standards before contributing (up to now my few contributions were mainly spelling or minor corrections).

--Atan 2006, November 6, 22:41 (UTC)