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Utensils are usually 1-handed melee weapons which are commonly stolen from chefs' kitchens. Most of them give Bonus Spell Damage to the user.

Utensil Twist is a spell which harnesses the power of utensils to deal damage.

Utensil-Specific Hit Messages:

You cook up some pain for your opponent. X damage worth, to be exact. KAPOW! BARF! WHAMMO!
You kick your opponent up X notches. BAM! WHACK! WHAM! WHAMMO!
You slap <it> upside the head with the business end of your <utensil>, doing X damage. WHAM! BOINK! SOCKO!
You swat <it> on the elbow, doing X damage. KAPOW! SPLAT! SPLAT!
You swat <it> on the knee, doing X damage. ZOT! KERBLAM! BIFF!