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Not everything that can happen to you in the kingdom is good for you. Some effects are considered to be Negative Status Effects, as they are only detrimental to the player. Negative effects can be removed by using a Clan Hot Tub or all-purpose cleaner. Ancient Magi-Wipes, Disco Power Nap, tiny house and Tongue of the Walrus can remove some, but not all, negative effects. (Which can't they?) The Frumious Bandersnatch (responding to Saucy Salve) and Mini-Seal Clubber can also remove (some? all?) negative effects. The negative status effects from Dreadsylvania can only be removed with Hot Dreadsylvanian cocoa.

Only negative effects are unaffected by the Naughty Sorceress's debuffing of you in her chamber.

Effects that have both positives and negatives (such as Heavy Petting or Gothy) are not truly negative, and are not affected by the tub or cleaner. Chat effects (such as Wanged or Bruised Jaw) are also not considered negative and are not affected by the tub or cleaner.

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