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Bugaboo? Pickle factory worker? Vengeful Turtle Spirit? Anyone else?

Some monsters in KoL are ghosts. Ghosts are usually, though not always, physically immune, and usually of the undead phylum.

Some equipment and effects give the enchantment "+X damage against ghosts", which makes all physical attacks against ghosts deal X more damage (this bypasses any physical resistance that might be present).

The skill Hammer Ghost only works against ghosts.

Scroll of ancient forbidden unspeakable evil will insta-kill physically-immune ghosts when used (though Pill Power can stop it working).

The combat skill Pinch Ghost only works on ghosts.

The effect Pill Power makes all ghosts coloured blue, and strips them of all their physical resistance.

T.U.R.D.S. Keys have a significantly boosted free-runaway chance against ghosts.

The protonic accelerator pack has special interactions when fighting ghosts and allows use of the skills Shoot Ghost and Trap Ghost.

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