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Chefstaves are 1-handed mysticality weapons. They are typically created by Rodoric, the Staffcrafter in The League of Chef-Magi, or by Avatars of Jarlsberg in Jarlsberg's Cosmic Kitchen.

These weapons may only be equipped by Saucerors who have a special sauce glove equipped, or by Avatars of Jarlsberg, or by those who know the Spirit of Rigatoni skill.

Chefstaves cannot be equipped in your off-hand, even with the skill Double-Fisted Skull Smashing. They can, however, be wielded normally with other 1-handed weapons in the off-hand slot.

Chefstaves can typically be jiggled once per combat, which performs some special action specific to that chefstaff. See the individual chefstaff's page for details.

Chefstaff-Specific Hit Messages:

You do a low sweep with your <chefstaff>, knocking his legs out from under him. He comes crashing to the ground, taking X damage. POW! BIFF! SPLAT!
You smack your opponent in the elbow with your <chefstaff>. It only deals X damage, because that's not really what a <chefstaff> is designed for... ZOT! WHACK! BAM!
You whack him with your staff, doing X damage. Y'know, this thing'd probably work better if you used it to cast spells, instead of as a long stick. BONK! KERBLAM! BARF!
You pretend it is a piñata. Your repeated whacking fails to yield any candy, sadly, but it does do X damage. ZOT! SPLAT! SOCKO!
You clonk him on the head with your chefstaff, dealing a measly X damage. If Jarlsberg were here to see this, he'd probably say "You're doin' it wrong." BIFF! WHAM! KERBLAM!

Against an angry piñata:

You're holding a long stick. You're fighting a piñata. You let nature take its course for X damage. ZOT! BOINK! WHACK!