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Booze is stuff you drink to gain more Adventures, stats or... other things.

Most drinks have an associated potency value, which determines how much drunker it will make you.

Booze is listed with a certain quality that can be checked on the item description page. Quality is based off the average number of adventures given per unit inebriety and has no relationship with substat gains.

(crappy) Gives no more than 1 adventure per drunkenness
(decent) Gives more than 1 and at most 2 adventures per drunkenness
(good) Gives more than 2 and at most 3 adventures per drunkenness
(awesome) Gives more than 3 and at most 5 adventures per drunkenness
(EPIC) Gives more than 5 adventures per drunkenness

Drinking a Schrödinger's thermos will give you the effects from a random drink out of this list (with some exclusions-- see the item's page for a full list).

Note: If you've been born under The Blender, the first drink consumed each day gives 5 more adventures than it normally would.

For a list of booze of a certain quality, please use the subcategories below.

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