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Booze is stuff you drink to gain more Adventures.

Every Booze has an associated potency (ranging from 1 to 10), which determines how drunk you get. At a certain drunkenness threshold, you enter a drunken stupor:

situation maximum
safe inebriety
drunken stupor tipsiness
normal 14 15
with a Liver of Steel 19 20
as Avatar of Jarlsberg 9 10
as Avatar of Boris or Zombie Slayer 4 5

A common strategy is drink up to 14 (19) drunkenness, use all your adventures, over-drink past 15 (20), then either burn the resulting turns off in the Clan Rumpus Room, or bank them for the next day.

On St. Sneaky Pete's Day, you can drink green beer even while falling-down drunk, up to 10 drunkenness past your normal limit. If your drunkenness exceeds 26, you can enter a special St. Sneaky Pete's Day Stupor.

Drinking a Schrödinger's thermos will let you consume a random drink out of this list (with some exclusions-- see the item's page for a full list).

See Cocktailcrafting to learn how to mix better and more Adventurous booze.


Booze is listed with a certain quality that can be checked on the item description page. Quality is based off the average number of adventures given per unit inebriety and has no relationship with substat gains.

(crappy) Gives no more than 1 adventure per drunkenness (*)
(decent) Gives more than 1 and at most 2 adventures per drunkenness
(good) Gives more than 2 and at most 3 adventures per drunkenness
(awesome) Gives more than 3 and at most 5 adventures per drunkenness
(EPIC) Gives more than 5 adventures per drunkenness

* - Dusty bottles of wine are all listed as crappy, even though they should generally be considered decent or good. The effects of these wine bottles are randomized through ascension and are purposefully obfuscated for part of the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin.

Note: If you've been born under The Blender, the first drink consumed each day gives 5 more adventures than it normally would.

For a list of booze of a certain quality, please use the subcategories below.

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