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Rate of change?



A white Canadian every day keeps a man healthy and Canadian, eh?

Make you feel more Canadian

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Effect number: 106
Description ID: 8a3629f6e6d964a3e491b3a393348a46
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  • Changes "out" to "oot" and adds an "eh?" randomly (like "-hic-" when drunk) when you speak in chat at a relatively rare rate.
  • The "out" to "oot" change only happens when the "eh?" is added.
  • If the chat message ends with a period (.) or exclamation point (!), the period/exclamation point will be replaced with a comma. Otherwise, a comma is added, even if the last character is a comma or other.
  • After doing the above, regardless of what the sentence ends in, a space and then "eh?" is added.
  • Does not seem to trigger if the chat message ends with a question mark (?).

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