Can of spinach

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can of spinach
can of spinach

This is a can of tinned spinach, or possibly a tin of canned spinach. The goats eat these to improve their strength and put hair on their chests. That might just be a metaphor, but they do in fact have hairy chests, so it's hard to tell.

You needn't feel obliged to eat the can, the way the goats do.

Type: potion
Effect: Pop-eyed (10 Adventures)Weapon Damage +30
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: cans of spinach)
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Item number: 2425
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Obtained From

The Goatlet
Natural Selection (occurs semi-rarely)

When Used

You pull out your corncob pipe and squeeze the can of spinach into it. Steam shoots out of your ears as your forearms bulge.
Oneeye.gifYou acquire an effect: Pop-eyed
(duration: 10 Adventures)


  • This item and its effect are references to the cartoon character Popeye the Sailor, who would enhance his already prodigious strength in a pinch by eating a can of spinach, in one instance by sucking it through his pipe when his hands weren't free.


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