Camera On, James

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Camera On, James
Camera On, James

Searchlights blind you as you search through the wreck, and you turn to see a tiny submarine with a wild-eyed, bearded guy driving it. "Heya," he says, through the sub's speakers, "could you swim out of my shot? I'm filming a movie and I need footage of this wreck."

"You're making a movie about the shipwreck? That's great; the story would make a good action-adventure-drama kind of thing."

"I was thinking more a touching love story about people who fall deeply in love for a couple of days, until the girl lets the guy drown to save her own skin," he replies.

"Sounds great," you say, while meaning the opposite. You swim out of the way, but not before you see something gleam in the blinding beam of the searchlights. You grab the piece of jewelry you saw and get away from the crazy submarine guy.

Lostnecklace.gifYou acquire an item: long-forgotten necklace

Occurs at The Wreck of the Edgar Fitzsimmons, semi-rarely.


  • The title of this adventure refers to James Cameron, the plot of whose mega-blockbusting film Titanic is sneered at in the text.