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Assembling: Efficient Family-Bot R-30

ARMOR.gif :3
Left Arm:
Tiny Fist

Right Arm:
Ball-Bearing Dispenser

Basic Head

Regular Legs

Fuelrod.gif You have X fuel rods.

Deploy this Crimbot (1 fuel rod, 1 Adventure)
You finalize the Crimbot's design and step up to the telepresence controls.

You decide to go do something else.

Occurs at The Crimbot Factory.



Left Arm    Right Arm
Name Image Source Capabilities Granted Name Image Source Capabilities Granted
Tiny Fist Leftarm1.gif start with POW Ball-Bearing Dispenser Rightarm1.gif start with BLAM
Bug Zapper Leftarm2.gif adventuring ARMOR ZAP! Power Arm Rightarm2.gif first floor ZAP!
Rodent Gun Leftarm3.gif first floor BLAM Wrecking Ball Rightarm3.gif adventuring ARMOR POW
Rivet Shocker Leftarm4.gif first floor POW ZAP! Ribbon Manipulator Rightarm4.gif elf camp PINCH
Mega Vise Leftarm5.gif first floor POW POW Power Stapler Rightarm5.gif second floor PINCH ZAP!
Mobile Girder Leftarm6.gif second floor ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR Grease Gun Rightarm6.gif second floor LUBE
Swiss Arm Leftarm7.gif second floor BLAM POW ZAP! Grease / Regular Gun Rightarm7.gif second floor LUBE BLAM
Data Analyzer Leftarm8.gif elf camp DECODE Snow Blower Rightarm8.gif second floor FREEZE
Maxi-Mag Lite Leftarm9.gif basement LIGHT LIGHT POW Cold Shoulder Rightarm9.gif basement FREEZE POW
Bit Masher Leftarm10.gif basement DECODE POW Candle Lighter Rightarm10.gif basement BURN
Camera Claw Leftarm11.gif basement DECODE PINCH Lamp Filler Rightarm11.gif basement BURN LUBE


Name Image Source Capabilities Granted
Basic Head Chassis1.gif start with ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR
Gun Face Chassis2.gif adventuring ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR BLAM
Big Head Chassis3.gif first floor ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR
Security Chassis Chassis4.gif first floor ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR LIGHT
Military Chassis Chassis5.gif first floor ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR LIGHT BLAM
Crab Core Chassis6.gif second floor ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR PINCH
Dynamo Head Chassis7.gif second floor ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR ZAP
Cyclopean Torso Chassis8.gif second floor ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR LIGHT
Really Big Head Chassis9.gif basement ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR
Nerding Module Chassis10.gif basement ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR DECODE
Refrigerator Chassis Chassis11.gif basement ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR FREEZE LIGHT


Name Image Source Capabilities Granted
Regular Legs Propulsion1.gif start with RUN
Heavy-Duty Legs Propulsion2.gif first floor RUN ARMOR
Tripod Legs Propulsion3.gif adventuring RUN RUN
Rollerfeet Propulsion4.gif first floor RUN ROLL
Sim-Simian Feet Propulsion5.gif second floor RUN PINCH
High-Speed Fan Propulsion6.gif second floor ARMOR HOVER
Big Wheel Propulsion7.gif second floor ROLL ROLL
Hoverjack Propulsion8.gif second floor ARMOR ARMOR HOVER
Gun Legs Propulsion9.gif basement RUN RUN BLAM
Heavy Treads Propulsion10.gif basement ARMOR ARMOR ROLL POW
Rocket Skirt Propulsion11.gif basement ARMOR ARMOR HOVER BURN

Finding Schematics

Deploy this Crimbot

While adventuring as a Crimbot, you will be given various random encounters until your Crimbot has been destroyed. It appears not all of the schematics are available from the first day. Schematics can also be found rarely after combats accessed via Adventure.php.

Schematics are received randomly by selecting the following choices during these named encounters while exploring the factory in a Crimbot:

First Floor
Paperchase - sheet_get(random) - Free!
Inadequate Copy Room Security - perl - Free!
The Dilemma - paper.shuffle() - Free!
War of Gears - ceil(float(self)) - Hover
Second Floor
Factory: Cage Match - with(electricity) fight(electricity); - ZAP/ZAP
Factory: Pants in High Places - ./pantsblast.php - POW/POW
Office: This Gym Is Much Nicer - search(priority_nerd); - Pinch
Office: Still Life With Despair - computronz.zaphack++ - ZAP/ZAP
Office: Hope You Have A Berrata - schematic_grab(); - Pinch
Hard Rewards: Phony - phone.photograph() - Free!
Easy Rewards: Messy, Messy - schematic.grab() - Free!
Easy Rewards: Too Few Cooks -'freeze.dmg') - FREEZE
Easy Rewards: Clear Cut Decision - 534348454d4154494321 - Free!

Crimschem.gif Crimbot schematics - edit
Part Elf Camp Adventures First Floor Second Floor Basement
Left Arm Data Analyzer Bug Zapper Rodent Gun | Rivet Shocker | Mega Vise Mobile Girder | Swiss Arm Bit Masher | Maxi-Mag Lite | Camera Claw
Right Arm Ribbon Manipulator Wrecking Ball Power Arm Power Stapler | Grease Gun | Grease / Regular Gun | Snow Blower Candle Lighter | Cold Shoulder | Lamp Filler
Torso Gun Face Big Head | Security Chassis | Military Chassis Crab Core | Dynamo Head | Cyclopean Torso Really Big Head | Nerding Module | Refrigerator Chassis
Propulsion Tripod Legs Heavy-Duty Legs | Rollerfeet Sim-Simian Feet | High-Speed Fan | Big Wheel | Hoverjack Gun Legs | Heavy Treads | Rocket Skirt



  • You can choose to build and deploy a Crimbot while falling-down drunk.
  • For the full text and image of the rooms and results, see Inside the Fully Automated Crimbo Factory.
  • The parts unlocked for your Crimbot by using Crimbot Schematics is remembered across ascensions (you don't need to pull schematics and use them again if you ascend during Crimbo).