Bugbear-smiting sword

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bugbear-smiting sword
bugbear-smiting sword

This is a sword with a curved blade and a squishy handle. It was forged in dark magic for a mighty warrior - the legendary Bugbear Smiter! Bugbears everywhere fear it. And you can squeeze the grip to relieve stress, to prevent you from spazzing and worrying about stuff.

Type: weapon (2-handed sword)
Damage: 15 - 30
Muscle Required: 60
Cannot be traded or discarded

Weapon Damage +10
Muscle +10
+100% Damage vs. Bugbears

(In-game plural: bugbear-smiting swords)
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Item number: 892
Description ID: 45852585
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Obtained From

Custom Item
Given to spazworrier for his 16th birthday.


  • Prior to the September 24, 2013 update, this item gave +100 Damage vs. Bugbears in addition to the others.

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