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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.

Monster ID 1208
Locations Brushfires
Hit Points 10000
Attack 0
Defense 0
Initiative 0
Meat None
Phylum elemental
Elements hot
Resistance 100%
Monster Parts Indeterminate
FDKOL commendation
Manuel Entry
edit data
brushfire You're fighting a brushfire

You approach one of the myriad brushfires in the Nearby Plains. It's hotter than you expected. And you were expecting it to be pretty hot.

Hit Message(s):

You run to a different part of the plains to seek refuge from the fire, but that part of the plains is also on fire. Ow! (hot damage)

You take a breath. That breath turns out to be a mistake, because the superheated air fuses all of your lung-bits together. Eek! (hot damage)

You fall down and end up having an impromptu Viking funeral. Oof!

A tongue of flame licks you on the <arm>. It's as inappropriate as it is painful. Oof! (hot damage)

You smell something burning. Investigation reveals it to be your <giblets>. Yowch. Ugh! (hot damage)

A tendril of flame snakes out of the fire and burns you from <nipple> to <arse>. It's almost as though the fire is... alive. Ooh! (hot damage)

The heat of the fire bowls you over, strikes you, and leaves you in a gutter, sparing no part of you. You should probably split. Argh! (hot damage)

After Combat

At the end of combat:

You can't stand the heat any longer, so you decide to get out of the kitchen. Which is to say the vicinity of this brushfire.


A harried, charred dude runs up to you, panting.

"The newly-formed F. D. K. O. L. thanks you for your assistance, Adventurer," he says, before heading back toward the fires.

"The newly-formed F. D. K. O. L. thanks you for your assistance, Adventurer. And hey, cool hat!" he says, before heading back toward the fires.

Fdkol medal.gifYou acquire an item: FDKOL commendation (100% chance)*

On some kinds of (ineffectual) blocking/stunning.

The fire roars with laughter at your pathetic attempts to restrain it. Or maybe it's just a roaring fire.

Occurs at Brushfires.


  • The maximum number of combat rounds (i.e. number of times you can act in combat) is (your level of Hot Resistance)/3, rounded down.
    • Having higher Hot Resistance lets you fight for more rounds, but it does not reduce the damage that you take from the fire.
    • Even with high levels of Hot Resistance, combat appears to be capped at 9 rounds.
  • Seems to have 0 Combat Initiative (or less), so you always get the jump and can always run away (at least, no reports of failing to get the jump).
  • Combat does not end normally, so end-of-combat mechanics that require victory (gaining substats, familiar experience, Ghuol Whelp, etc.) will not trigger.
  • If you try to fight the fire with 0 HP, you get this message:
    You're too fired up to fight beat.
  • If you try to fight the fire while falling-down drunk, you get this message:
    You're too drunk to do something so ill-advised and dangerous.
  • If you try to fight the fire with 0 adventures, you get this message:
    You haven't got time to fight fire.

Fighting the fire

  • When initially encountered on June 13th, brushfires had 2147483647 HP.
    • On June 14th, brushfire HP was reduced to 10000, significantly decreasing the effectiveness of %damage attacks.
    • The brushfires were also made unkillable (reducing their HP to 0 or less does not end the fight).
  • All damage done to the brushfire that is not Cold Damage is reduced to 1.
    • However, this monster is Hot, so Stench and Sleaze damage are doubled to 2.
  • Has a soft damage cap (for Cold) with parameters (100%, 5000, 0.7). Meaning:
    1. First, damage is multiplied by 100% (no effect).
    2. Afterwards, if the damage dealt from a single source would otherwise be over 5000, then a soft damage cap kicks in. The resultant damage is 5000 + (X-5000)0.7, rounded down, where X > 5000 is the damage before the soft cap.


  • Passively does damage each round equal to 20%-30% of max HP, not affected by Hot Resistance.
  • Immune to multi-turn stunning, but not single-turn (so, say, a familiar that stuns for a single turn, like the Mini-Hipster or NPZR, will work). Blocking (i.e. Levitating Potato-type familiars, rather than skills or items) does not work.
  • Free Runaways are not free, with the message:
    Your attempt to flee the scene quickly is foiled when you inhale a big lungful of smoke and spend the next ten minutes doubled over coughing.


  • You are awarded between 0 and 10 FDKOL commendations per fight, based on the amount of Cold Damage inflicted (other damage doesn't count).
    • You get a message receiving your commendations if you Run Away or hit the round limit.
    • You do not get commendations if you lose all HP and are Beaten Up.
      • When the content first appeared, there was a bug that awarded commendations silently even if you were beaten up.
  • On June 14th, the method for determining the number of commendations awarded was changed to provide a more egalitarian distribution.
    • Commendations awarded = floor[log10(Cold Damage)]+1
    • That is, count the number of digits in the amount of cold damage you did, and that's how many commendations you get. 1-9 cold damage = 1 commendation, 10-99 = 2, etc.
    • When the fireman's helmet is equipped you are awarded 1 bonus commendation.
    • Because of the extreme amounts of damage required, the practical limit on commendations awarded is 7 (+1 bonus) per combat.
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