Brick (suggestive pause) house

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Brick (suggestive pause) house
Monster ID 1484
Locations Unleash Your Inner Wolf
Hit Points 100*(Houses encountered+1)
Attack 0
Defense 0
Initiative 0
Meat None
Phylum construct
Elements sleaze
Resistance None
Monster Parts Indeterminate
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
brick (suggestive pause) house You're fighting a brick (suggestive pause) house

This is a house for pigs who like to party and let it all hang out. And I mean let it all hang out. You should probably keep your eyes averted.

Your inner wolf observes that naked pigs are even easier to devour; you don't get any buttons or zippers stuck in your teeth.

Hit Message(s):

A wee little pig sidles up to you and asks you if you want to "party," winking lasciviously. Ooh! Ugh! Oof! (sleaze damage)

The pig who went to market returns with a bottle of hair oil, which he splashes on you. Ooh! Eek! Oof! (sleaze damage)

A pig slides out of the house and asks if you "swing," while patting you on the butt. Ouch! Ouch! Eek! (sleaze damage)

A pig comes out of the house, and he's lettin' it all hang out. You wish he'd tuck it back in. Ouch! Eek! Ouch! (sleaze damage)

A pig eating a roast beef sandwich spots you, tips a wink, and says, "you're next." Ewwwwww. Ugh! Ow! Ouch! (sleaze damage)

Three pigs wander out of the house and circle around you, catcalling and winking. They must be chauvinist pigs. Eek! Eek! Ow! (sleaze damage)

The pig who stayed home from the market comes out wearing nothing but a towel, then lets the towel slip. Ugh. I mean, pigs are usually naked all the time, but it's gross when they're on their hind legs. Ow! Argh! Eek! (sleaze damage)

Critical Hit Message:

not known

Miss Message(s):

not known

Fumble Message:

not known

After Combat

Your inner wolf is really doing his part to clean up this town.
Trophy.gif +3 Pigs Evicted!

Occurs at Unleash Your Inner Wolf.