Break Time!

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Break Time!
Break Time!

You finally catch a moment's peace at the Sloppy Seconds Diner. You hop behind the counter, and take a look at the variety of disgusting options it presents you with.

The cash register catches your eye -- those things often contain cash! Near it, a control panel offers you three knobs: freezer coldness, stove hotness, and booze hose pressure. You could turn one of those three things up.

Alternatively, you could just open up the breaker box and flip the power to the whole place off and then back on again. Maybe that will fix whatever's wrong with it.

Plunder the cash register

The first 4 times per day:

You pick through the layers of disgusting food that have settled inside the cash register and pull out a few mostly not-ruined bills.

If you have the skill Sloppy Secrets:

Using your secret employee knowledge, you manage to skim a little extra off the top.

Beachbuck.gifYou acquire some Beach Bucks

Subsequent attempts:

You've already thoroughly raided the cash register. Maybe try again tomorrow.

Turn up the freezer

You crank the freezer knob up a ways, and a chill runs up your spine and also up all of the other parts of you as the desserts wandering around suddenly get bolder and throw you out of the diner on your ass.

Turn up the stoves

You crank the stove knob up and a wave of heat almost knocks you over. Another thing that almost knocks you over is one of the animated burgers, who chases you out of the diner with renewed vigor.

Turn up the booze hose pressure

You crank up the pressure on the "booze hose" just in time to get tossed out of the diner by a suddenly stronger cocktail monster. That was probably a coincidence, right?

Cut the power

You cut the power, and then sew the power back together again. Everything calms down.

Cut and run

You don't feel like taking a break.

Note: Does not take an adventure.

Occurs at Sloppy Seconds Diner.


  • The amount of Beach Bucks that are gained is 2–3 without Sloppy Secrets and 4–6 with the skill.
  • Turning up something makes the corresponding monster +15 ML stronger. This is capped at 450 ML (30 total choices) without Sloppy Secrets, and uncapped with the skill.
  • Cutting the power resets the extra ML.
  • Failed attempts to raid the cash register (the 5th and subsequent times each day) do not exit the choice adventure.


  • On May 7, 2014, in a trivial update:
    You can now take a break from taking a break in the Diner. Taking a break doesn't take an Adventure, but it does take a break.