Bouquet of all-natural free-range flowers

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bouquet of all-natural free-range flowers
bouquet of all-natural free-range flowers

Tammy the tambourine elf gave you these flowers to hand out to as many different monsters people as possible, to open hearts and minds for their big Crimbo nature prayer gathering thing. It makes you feel like a real hippy, but it is kind of nice doing something non-violent for the holidays.

You have spread the Elves' message to X monsters so far.

(Y today)

Type: off-hand item
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: bouquets of all-natural free-range flowers)
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Item number: 8761
Description ID: 277885300
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Obtained From

Crimbo Town (2015)
The Crimbo Elf Commune

When Used

  • On first use against a monster ever:
<proselytization message>

+1 Hippy Elf Proselytization

  • When already used on that monster ever:
You've already spread the elves' message to this monster.


The text about your progress only appear if you have used them. That is to say there is no message for 0 flowers distributed. Possible messages include:

  • "Have a flower in appreciation of the beauty of nature or whatever," you say, handing your opponent a flowers[sic].
  • "Here, have a flower in appreciation of the season and nature and things that hippies like," you say to your opponent, handing he[sic] one.
  • "Here," you say, handing your opponent a flower.
"What's this for?" it asks.
"Something to do with elves. I was barely listening."
  • "I want you to have this flower," you say, giving it to your opponent, "but I'm still going to beat you up."
  • You hand a flower to your opponent. "An elf asked me to give this to you," you say. "So uh, here you go."
  • You hand some flowers to your opponents. "Hey, uh... nature, right? It's pretty good?" you say. Your opponents blink at you.