Bottle of Mystic Shell

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bottle of Mystic Shell
bottle of Mystic Shell

The Mad Scientists of Cobb's Knob, in an attempt to make a quick-freezing dessert topping for the Knob's chefs, instead stumbled upon this substance -- it's a liquid, but as soon as it hits skin, it forms a nearly impenetrable candy shell.

Type: potion
Effect: Impregnably Delicious (10 Adventures)Damage Reduction: 30
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: bottles of Mystic Shell)
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Obtained From

You Can Top Our Desserts, But You Can't Beat Our Meats (occurs semi-rarely)

When Used

  • From inventory
You dump the Mystic Shell on your head and rub it all over your body as it hardens. The Mystic Shell, not your body.
Sphere.gifYou acquire an effect: Impregnably Delicious
(duration: 10 Adventures)


  • This is a reference to Smuckers' Magic Shell dessert topping, which has freezing and melting temperatures similar to water so is liquid at room temperature but becomes hard nigh-instantly when poured onto ice cream.


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