Blessed rustproof +2 gray dragon scale mail

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blessed rustproof +2 gray dragon scale mail
blessed rustproof +2 gray dragon scale mail

This armor, made from gray dragon scales (duh) is immune to rusting due to water or rust monsters, makes you immune to magic (even instadeath), and is powerful physical armor to boot. Now you just need to grease it, and also to be playing a different game.

Type: shirt
Power: 150
Cannot be discarded

All Attributes +2
So-So Resistance to All Elements (+2)
Regenerate 2-22 HP and MP per adventure

(In-game plural: suits of blessed rustproof +2 gray dragon scale ma)
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Item number: 9530
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  • Gray dragon scale mail is a popular item to use a wish on in NetHack, since it's one of the best types of armor, and difficult to acquire without spending a wish. The gray variety gives "magic resistance", shielding you from many dangerous things, including certain instant-death attacks. "Blessed" protects it from curses, and +2 is the highest enchantment one can wish for without risk of getting +0 instead. "Rustproof", however, is redundant – dragon scale mail is always rustproof. As the description implies, "greased" would have been a more useful adjective.

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