Bind Spice Ghost

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Bind Spice Ghost

Bind Spice Ghost

Type: Noncombat
MP Cost: 250

This skill allows you to enthrall a spice ghost, an ethereal being who, being made of a diffuse cloud of floating spice particles, can help you get into those hard-to-reach places where your enemies tend to keep their stuff.

Summons a Spice Ghost thrall

Source: Guild trainer
Price: 15,000 Meat
Class: Pastamancer
Level: 15
Effect: Summons a Spice Ghost thrall. A thrall acts like a second familiar in combat.
  • When bound for the first time:

Your mind takes flight on starchy magic wings, attached in the middle by either a starchy magic torso or a starchy magic fuselage.

You fly above the world, and then you fly above above the world, and then you fly to a place next door to that place.

You sense another mind nearby, and you call out to it.

"Hello, another mind!" you shout. With your mind, so it's not really shouting.

"Hello, yourself." replies the mind (this, technically, is still a reply.)

"I think you left this behind," you think, indicating (with your mind) the real world. "Wanna come back for a while?"

"I do. Thank you. My name is <name>, and I am in your debt. Give me a call sometime. Oh, but you'll have to supply a body for me to inhabit if you want me to actually do anything for you in the physical world."

"Okay," you reply. "How do you feel about couscous?"


"Great!" you say. "Be seeing you soon!"

  • Subsequent binding:

You conjure up a swirling cloud of spicy dried couscous, and there is a crackle of psychokinetic energy as <name> possesses it.

You call out to the spirit of your ghost friend, but all you get is a cloud of loose spices.

Disease.gifYou acquire an effect: Spice Haze
(duration: 10 Adventures)