Batfellow Begins

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Batfellow Begins
Batfellow Begins

Will you read the tale of the Batfellow, the darkest, broodingest superhero to ever patrol the streets of Gotpork City?

(This will launch a Batfellow minigame. While you're playing it, you won't have access to any of your other items or be able to go to anywhere else in the Kingdom. You can end the adventure at any time.)

or, while on an Avatar path (first option does not show up):

You can't read this comic book while you're on an Avatar path. Sorry. Stupid complicated game.

Read the comic

Oh boy! It's the new issue of Investigator Comics, starring Batfellow, the Cloaked Crusader! You eagerly flip to the first page: Batfellow is in his ultra-secret Bat-Cavern, working at the Bat-Computer, when his butler Albert enters with a red telephone. "Call for you, Master Bryce," he says. "It's Commissioner Hendricks."

The next panel shows Batfellow listening to the phone as Commissioner Hendricks' speech balloon comes through: "Batfellow!" he says. "It's an emergency! The Jokester is up to his old tricks!"

"He's escaped again?" Batfellow growls into the phone in the next panel. "Not just him!" the Commissioner replies. "He's broken nine of Gotpork's worst criminals out of Gotpork Penitentiary and Porkham Asylum, and they're running rampant all over the city!"

The fourth panel is a close-up shot on Batfellow's narrowed eyes. "My god," he growls. "It must be a distraction while he plots something despicable -- but to need such a huge distraction..."

Then there's a big staticky KSSSSSHT sound effect, and the next panel is a close-up of The Jokester's pasty white shark-grin talking into a telephone: "That's right, Batfellow! While the cops have been busy with my little playmates, I've planted bombs all over the city! Nyah-ha-ha-haaaa!"

The next panel shows Batfellow rising from his chair angrily and growling into the phone: "You won't get away with this, Jokester!" "Nyah-ha-haa!" comes the response. "You won't be able to stop me, Batsy! My lair is sealed with a nine-digit code, and only the other villains know the combination! You'll have to go through all of them to get to me!

The last panel shows just The Jokester's crazy eyes at the top of the panel, and Batfellow's glare underneath, separated by The Jokester's jaggedy-edged word balloon: "You've got ten hours before everything goes BOOM, Batsy! Ready... Set... GO!!"

Will Batfellow be able to stop The Jokester's nefarious scheme in time??

Leads to The Bat-Cavern

Not now

Yes, you have no batnanas.

Occurs by reading a Batfellow comic.


  • Not consumed on use when choosing to not read the comic.