Bastille Battalion cheese wheel

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Bastille Battalion cheese wheel
Bastille Battalion cheese wheel

Though this wheel of cheese looks like food, it's actually more like a wheel of fortune -- you spin it and wherever it lands, that's what your favorite cheese is! Well, except you choose where it lands. So I guess it's not like a wheel of fortune either, really.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 69 Meat.

Lets you specify your favorite kind of cheese on your profile

(In-game plural: Bastille Battalion cheese wheels)
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Obtained From

Coming in the top ? on the "Bastille Battalion" leaderboard. (top 10 confirmed, 11-22end spots need spading, since it is possible to get the voucher and not this the 23rd+ position definitely do not get this)

When Used

  • Clicking on "use" in your inventory results in:

Pick a favorite cheese, any cheese... on this list!
[Dropdown Menu] [Button: Cut the Cheese]

  • Note that at this point you can still cancel the usage by navigating to a different place, the cheese wheel will not be consumed.
  • Clicking on "Cut the Cheese" button consumes the cheese wheel and gives the message:

You pick a cheese!


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