Basement Urges

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Basement Urges

You find yourself in a typical unfinished basement. A bunch of disused excersize equipment sits in one corner next to a 55-gallon drum of hair gel. Totally typical basement stuff.

You also notice a chainsaw hanging from a hook on one of the beams. You always did have pretty good chainsaw-dar.

You also see the house's breaker box -- you could probably modify it with the electronics kit you're carrying, if you're of a mind to.

Use the workout equipment

You use the exercise equipment to the best of your ability. Too bad this basement doesn't have some kind of troglodyte personal trainer living in it.

You gain 150-200 (450-500 in hard mode) Strongness.

Use the hair gel

You plunge both hands into the hair gel and then absolutely douse yourself in it from the ears up.

Pompadour.gifYou acquire an effect: The Best Hair You've Ever Had
(duration: 20 Adventures)

Grab the chainsaw

You grab the chainsaw, disappointed to learn that it's almost out of gas.

Chainsaw.gifYou acquire an item: intimidating chainsaw

Modify the living room lights

With your electronics kit, it is the work of a moment to make the living room lights strobe off and on several times a second. This will be great, until it shorts out and burns the house down.

Occurs when choosing Investigate the basement at It Hasn't Ended, It's Just Paused.


  • Modifying the living room lights uses an electronics kit to increase megawoots by 20.