Baconus, the BL Imp

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Baconus, the BL Imp
Baconus, the BL Imp

Hey Deze is loose and wandering the earth! AIEEEE!

Oh, you're just wearing an outfit made out of brimstone. *Whew*! You almost gave me a heart attack!

Don't look at me like that. How would you feel if someone dressed entirely in cobblestones knocked on your door? It'd be a little weird, don't you think?

What? Candy? No, I don't have any candy. Gave it all out to some trick-or-treaters. YES, they left the wrappers here, all scattered around my feet. The little savages. This candy? Oh, this is my personal candy. Not for trick-or-treaters.

All right, fine. Take it. I'll be okay. No, no, don't feel guilty as I waste away. You enjoy that. You earned it.

Fundip.gifYou acquire an item: Pain Dip

Occurs while Trick or Treating in Blasphemous Bedizenment.