Attributing a Tributary

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Attributing a Tributary
Attributing a Tributary

You tunnel through a cavern wall and splash into a little underground stream. As you bend down to drink from the stream, a weird little pot-bellied creature waddles up to you. It has two huge, blue eyes, a nose like a pig, and a head that's shaped roughly like an overinflated football. It reaches toward you with one glowing finger and croaks "be...good."

"Uh, what?"

The creature clears its throat and tries again. "This stream is a tributary of the sacred river Alph, which runs through caverns measureless to man. I am Et, the guardian of this stream that runs through caverns that are pretty easily sized-up by anyone. Have a drink, it's delicious."

You scoop up some water in your hands and drink greedily. It's not as mind-blowing as the water from the Alph, but there's also no orange fur in it.

Bigrock.gifYou acquire an effect: Extra Terrestrial
(duration: 20 Adventures)

Occurs at Mt. Molehill


  • It is the result of landing on floors -4 through -8 for the third non-combat adventure.


  • Et, the football-headed creature with a glowing finger, appears in the film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.
  • Alph, the sacred river, features in both the poem Kubla Khan and The Worm Wood content from June of last year.
  • ALF was an Alien Life Form with orange fur.
  • Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, and Eta is the seventh.