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Ascension becomes available to you once you finish the Naughty Sorceress Quest. To encourage continuation of the game, you may choose to step through a mysterious astral gash and arrive in the even more mysterious world Beyond the Pale. It was implemented on June 9, 2005. Valhalla was heavily revamped on May 17, 2011.

If you have not completed the Naughty Sorceress Quest, but you have ascended at least once before and your last ascension was at least 11 days ago, you can end your ascension by selecting the Reset Button from the Account tab from the Options menu. You will receive only the rewards for a no path casual run, but you will be able to ascend normally otherwise.


The Basics

  • If you have anything for sale in The Flea Market, you cannot ascend until it sells, the listing expires, or you remove the item from sale manually.
  • All of your familiars' XP will be reset to 0, and their weights reset to 1.
  • While in Valhalla, you cannot access your inventory or receive items from other players. You cannot adventure anywhere.
  • When you want to leave, go to After-Afterlife Al in The Bureau of Reincarnation. They can send you back to the Kingdom, reincarnated as a new character.
  • As a reward for ascending, you are entitled to several rewards for defeating the Naughty Sorceress, as well as access to new content depending on the choices you make when talking to Al.



  • On ascension, all familiars' experience are reset to 0, and weights are reset to 1. The number of kills stay.
    • A familiar with 0 kills is treated as weighing 0 pounds, for trophy purposes.
  • Any equipment on the familiars in your terrarium goes into long term storage, as if it were in your inventory when you ascended.
  • Your current familiar goes to Valhalla with you and appears in spirit form. After NS13, the familiar with which you ascend no longer has any impact on gameplay.


  • There are currently three different dietary paths as well as several special challenge paths that you may choose to take to make the game more challenging.
  • By taking a path, you are entitled to an extra reward as well as some extra karma depending on the difficulty of the path.
  • The reward for completing Azazel, Ma Belle varies depending on which path you select.
  • You cannot inadvertently violate a path; the game will prevent you from taking any action that would do so.
  • At any stage throughout the game, you may choose to drop your path and resume a no-path Ascension with an option in your account menu. Doing so forfeits the reward for completing the pathed Ascension, as well as the path-specific reward and skill from the Azazel, Ma Belle quest and the ability to access the item in the current ascension.
  • Once you have freed the King at the end of the Naughty Sorceress Quest, all path restrictions are lifted without penalty (i.e., you still receive the same prize at the end).
  • Only the current special challenge path gives the karma reward. Older challenge paths are available, but will only reward 50 bonus karma (100 in Hardcore) out-of-season for your first run on that path.

Casual Difficulty

A casual incarnation means you'll be able to play through the game again with full access to the Meat and items you acquired in your last life. There are also no restrictions on your interactions with other players. However, you won't be eligible for any Ascension leaderboards, and won't receive enough karma to make a skill permanent. Casual runs do count for all currently known trophies (except those listed as requiring a specific type of Ascension, such as the Golden Meat Stack).

Normal Difficulty

See also

Hardcore Difficulty

  • This option is a much harder version of the game, in which many restrictions are placed on the character. However, completion of a Hardcore Ascension results in much greater rewards.
  • While in Hardcore, you cannot...
    1. Withdraw any items or Meat from long term storage. Mr. Accessories can be "withdrawn" by clicking the link at the bottom of Mr. Store; however, you still may not equip Mr. Accessories during Hardcore, and can only use them to purchase items from the Mr. Store.
    2. Receive items, buffs or Meat from other players. You may receive items and Meat in gift boxes, but you cannot open them until you are no longer under Hardcore restrictions.
    3. Trade any items with other players:
      That player cannot receive Meat or items from other players right now. If you want to send them something to open later, try The Gift Shop in Market Square.
    4. Withdraw any items from your Clan Stash:
      You can't take items from the stash while you're in Hardcore mode.
    5. Purchase any items from the Mall of Loathing (including buying a store in the mall):
      You can't buy items at the Mall while you're in Hardcore mode.
    6. Buy or sell items at The Flea Market:
      You may not use the Flea Market in hardcore mode.
      You can't sell items at the Flea Market while you're in Hardcore mode.
    7. PvP any non-Hardcore players.
    8. PvP for anything other than pretty flowers or rank.
    9. Withdraw anything from your Display Case.
    10. Collect Meat from A Potted Meat Bush, A Potted Meat Tree, or An Exotic Hanging Meat Orchid in your Clan Rumpus Room.
    11. Use An Awesome Ball Pit, An Old-Timey Radio, A Soda Machine, or A Jukebox in the Clan Rumpus Room.
    12. Receive extra adventures at rollover if your clan has An Inspirational Desk Calendar, Calendar of Loathing or A Collection of Self-Help Books in the Clan Rumpus Room.
    13. Receive bonus stat points from Stat Days.
  • Like paths, Hardcore may be dropped through your account menu. If you are on a path, you do not have to drop the path to drop Hardcore. If you drop Hardcore before you have played 1,000 turns, you will still be subject to Ronin restrictions until that phase expires.
  • Warning! To prove that you accomplished the trophy tasks while Hardcore restrictions were in effect, you must purchase the Gourdcore or Golden Meat Stack trophy before freeing King Ralph XI. If you do not, you will not be able to obtain the trophy without repeating the process in a new run.
  • After you complete the Naughty Sorceress Quest and free King Ralph, all restrictions that apply only to Hardcore are lifted without penalty (except for non-Hardcore-permanent skills, which do not become usable until you begin a new non-Hardcore run or buy them again during Hardcore). Ronin restrictions will also be lifted at this time.
  • For completing a Hardcore Ascension, you will receive 200 karma to spend in Valhalla. Not coincidentally, this is the exact amount it costs to select a new skill to keep as a Hardcore permanent (HP) from Jermery's Permery.

See also

Bad Moon

Bad Moon is a special Hardcore Ascension type, appearing on one's character sheet and Ascension history as a special moon sign. In order to access it, the previous run must have been Hardcore within NS13 and must not have used any ten-leaf clovers; or the player must have completed a 100% Black Cat Bad Moon run. Instead of receiving a disassembled clover in the letter from King Ralph XI, players instead receive a big rock. Previously acquired permanent skills are not accessible, and the player begins without a terrarium, requiring all desired familiars to be re-earned. In addition, various "unlucky" things will happen to the adventurer in certain places during the run.

The message you get immediately upon ascending (in a results box above Valhalla) from a 100% Black Cat Bad Moon run is:

By completing a 100% Black Cat Bad Moon run, you have permanently unlocked the Bad Moon sign for your character.

All Bad Moon ascension are unpathed. You cannot choose a path if you choose Bad Moon as your sign.




Hardcore Oxygenarian

Bad Moon

  • Instead of a stainless steel item, characters that complete a Bad Moon run get a Brimstone item specific to their current class.
Ascension Rewards
Gemstones: pork elf goodies sack (baconstone - hamethyst - porquoise)
Paths: Retenez L'Herbe Paté - bottle of single-barrel whiskey - Breathetastic™ Premium Canned Air
Challenge Paths: Thwaitgold bee statuette - Thwaitgold grasshopper statuette - Thwaitgold butterfly statuette
Other: disassembled clover - big rock (Bad Moon) - note from Clancy (Avatar of Boris)

Hardcore Ssshil.gif
Oxycore Plexpike.gif
pith helmet
pinky ring
Bad Moon Brimbludgeon.gif


  • Your name, ID number, and number of turns played will be retained, as will Tattoos and Trophies. There are also new counters that track number of completed Ascensions and turns played this Ascension. You'll accumulate the normal class tattoos from every class you ascend into, so it is possible to collect all the class tattoos on one character (and, if you wish, all of the Hardcore class tattoos).
  • All quest statuses and your stats are reset on ascension. Any quest items you have will be deleted.
  • You can only ascend after completing all Council of Loathing quests, as they are prerequisites to opening the Naughty Sorceress Quest.
  • Your PvP hippy stone is reset along with ranking, but your win/loss ratio will remain until you manually repair your hippy stone.
  • If you have access to Hobopolis, you will be sent back to the beginning of A Maze of Sewer Tunnels. However, this will not disqualify you from receiving loot.
  • Most counters for food and booze will remain, including those for trophies, e.g., herb brownies and white Canadian consumption.
  • Clan membership, leadership and karma are unaffected by Ascension.
  • Your store persists through Ascension. You will be able to add items and adjust the prices of items in your store when in Hardcore/Ronin, but you may not remove items. Any Meat earned from the store enters Hagnk's Ancestral Mini-Storage, and is subject to standard Hardcore or Ronin restrictions if you wish to remove it from storage.
  • You can still chat normally, and send clan messages, and send and receive kmail (as long as there aren't Meat/items attached in the case of receiving).
  • After ascending, you will start your next incarnation with exactly 40 adventures, no matter how many you had left before ascending. Note that you do not need to have at least one adventure remaining. You can rescue the King while falling-down drunk (after defeating the Sorceress, and before ascending). You can also ascend while drunk and with no adventures.
  • Note that beating the Sorceress is not the same as freeing King Ralph XI, and that you must still be level 13 or higher (as of NS13) before you can muster the ability to smash the prism in which he is entrapped. After you have smashed the prism, you may lower your level without repercussions.


As you play the game, you will encounter a number of adventures, item drops, quests, and the like that are described as "one time" (see Once per ascension items). What this actually means is that the adventure, item drop, etc. will occur once during the course of a single Ascension. Once you complete an Ascension, the "one-time" adventures, etc., will all be available all over again. Some "one time" examples are the Spirit of the Dolphin King adventure, the Boss Bat bandana item drop, and Doc Galaktik's Quest for Herbs. There are some exceptions -- some things really are one time only, as described below.

Really, Really One-Time

As described above, most "one-time" experiences in fact recur from ascension to ascension. There are, however, some adventures, items, and quests that really are one time only. Once you experience or acquire or complete them, you can never again experience them again, no matter how many times you ascend. These things generally pertain to "newbhood" and to gaining access to chat channels, and include:


Some aspects of the game are affected by the number of Ascensions you have:


  • Ronin means "wandering person" or a samurai who has lost their master.

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