Arthur Finn's World-Record Homebrew Stout

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Arthur Finn's World-Record Homebrew Stout
Arthur Finn's World-Record Homebrew Stout

You step into a small shack lined with various casks and barrels, and are greeted by a short, red-haired, heavily-bearded man wiping a tin mug with a rag. He looks a lot like a dwarf, actually, except for the fact that he's not seven feet tall like the rest of the dwarves in the Kingdom (remember?).

He puts the mug down on the counter and greets you with a hearty handshake. "Well hello there [lass/laddie]! Arthur Finn's the name. Have ye come to sample me World-Record Homebrew Stout?"

"'Stout'? Is that like beer?"

Arthur laughs. "Well, if ye think cold piss is like lemonade, then aye, ye could say beer is like stout."

"That's a rather worrisome simile, Arthur."

Try the stout (20 hobo nickels).

Arthur pours you a mug of something thick and dark. It's like drinking a loaf of bread, and you immediately realize you're not going to be satisfied with Willer ever again.

AdventuresYou gain 40-60 Adventures.
You gain 500-1000 Strongness.
You gain (5 Drunkenness.)


You politely take a raincheck, and Arthur cheerfully gives you directions out of the marketplace.

Occurs as a choice in the sub-adventure Booze, Glorious Booze in Hobopolis Town Square.