Arse-shooting crossbow

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arse-shooting crossbow
arse-shooting crossbow

This crossbow looks like it'd be perfect for shooting people in the arse. Y'know, like that one scene in Braveheart where that guy gets shot in the arse? Like that.

Type: ranged weapon (2-handed crossbow)
Damage: 16 - 32
Moxie Required: 65
Cannot be traded or discarded

All Attributes +15

(In-game plural: arse-shooting crossbows)
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Item number: 929
Description ID: 24291169
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Obtained From

Custom Item
Given to Kucolan for his generous donations


  • Can be used to shoot someone in the arse
  • Since Kucolan sold his account on eBay long ago, it is no longer known who is in control of the account. The account is still active, and recent sightings of the arse-shooting crossbow equipped on the account confirm that the item is still there.

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