Arrrlando, the Sappy Pirate

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Arrrlando, the Sappy Pirate
Arrrlando, the Sappy Pirate

Oh no -- you're covered in wood! Have you been doomed, as I have, to serve on the Skipping Chinaman, doomed to slowly turn into the ship itself, doomed to only set foot on land every Halloween? Doomed to leave your one true love and shepherd lost souls to the afterlife, in accordance with an unbelievably tedious and convoluted mythology?

Oh, you're just a trick-or-treater. And yes, I'm aware that "Chinaman" is not the preferred nomenclature, but it's the name of my ship! What can I do? Anyway, take this candy, and if you see my dear beloved tell her that I hope she will wait for me, and that I hope she isn't making out with Jack Robinson just because I'm not around, okay?

Ccannonball.gifYou acquire an item: Everlasting Deckswabber

Occurs while Trick or Treating in the Arrrbor Day Apparrrrrel.


  • The adventure and ship name allude to the legend of the Flying Dutchman.
  • "Arrrlando" is a derivation of "Orlando", as in Orlando Bloom.
  • Jack Robinson is the KoL version of Jack Sparrow, as seen in The Arrrbitrator.
  • "Chinaman" not being the preferred nomenclature refers to a line by Walter Sobchak in The Big Lebowski