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The Angel hair wisp is a Pasta Guardian that has been removed from the game. Did you mean the Angel Hair Wisp?

Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
Angel hair wisp

An angel hair wisp is a Pasta Guardian which Pastamancers can call upon in combat under certain conditions. By using shimmering tendrils the Pastamancer establishes a connection with the angel hair wisp.

The Pastamancer can then summon it during combat. The wisp might grant extra substats at the end of combat, depending on certain conditions.

Combat Messages

  • When summoning it:
You concentrate, and summon a mass of writhing angel hair. A chill perm eates[sic] the air as <name>'s spirit enters it.
"I live..."
  • During combat, if the wisp is level 5 or greater:
<Name> swoops in front of your opponent, preventing <him> from hitting you.
<random monster miss message>
  • During combat, if the wisp is level 10:
<Name> swoops in front of your opponent, preventing <him> from hitting you.
  • When you take 10+(wisp level) or more damage from an enemy attack after summoning the wisp:
<name> hisses "You are... weak. You do not deserve my favor." at you as he fades away.
  • When you defeat an opponent:
The merest suggestion of a smile crosses <name>'s wispy form as he whispers "You have performed... adequately."


  • Angel Hair Wisp names follow a specific pattern - they are two syllables long, each syllable starting with "sh" and ending with a random vowel. Some examples are "Sheshuu", "Shashoo", "Shoshii", and "Shushee".
  • Each time the Angel Hair Wisp gains a level, an additional vowel is added to an alternating syllable - for example, the name "Shishaa" will expand to "Shiishaa" at level 2 and "Shiishaaa" at level 3.


  • One of the Pasta Guardians. Guardian summons are limited to 10 per day, or 15 with the Bandolier of the Spaghetti Elemental.
  • The wisp grants a percentage-based bonus to substat gains at the end of combat, equal to 50% + 2.5% × its level. This multiplier applies to all stat gains from Monster Level. Other bonuses to Stat Gains from Fights are added after the percentage bonus.
  • The wisp abandons you for the remainder of the combat if your enemy causes 10+(wisp level) or more damage in a single normal or critical attack. Note that special monster abilities, like being set on fire or Hobopolis autohit attacks will not trigger this, but your shadow attacks will.
  • At level 5 or higher, it will block all Monster Critical Hits, and turn them into misses, displaying a random miss message (but never the fumble message).
  • At level 10, staggers with a 17.31% chance of success. You can tell this apart from the level 5 ability because no miss message is shown. Note that this will prolong several-turn stuns, like Entangling Noodles. Also, this can trigger when you twiddle your thumbs, but this doesn't benefit you in any way - it is only useful for spading purposes.

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