Angel Hair Wisp

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Angel Hair Wisp

Angel hair wisp

The Angel Hair Wisp is a Pasta Thrall which can accompany Pastamancers in combat. A Pastamancer can bind a Angel Hair Wisp by using the skill Bind Angel Hair Wisp.


  • Grants (5*L)% Combat Initiative, where L is the level of the Angel Hair Wisp.
  • Starting at level 5, it will prevent enemy critical hits.
  • At level 10, it will block enemy attacks.

Combat Messages

  • Level 5+, when blocking a critical hit:
    Your opponent moves to attack you, but <name> encircles <him/her/it> and for a moment, they fade from view.
    <random monster miss message>
  • Level 10, when blocking a regular hit:
    Your opponent moves to attack you, but stops when <name> whispers "No...". You shudder.
    As your opponent moves to attack you, <name> whispers something in its ear and <he/she/it> bursts into tears.
    <name> wraps its tendrils around your opponent's throat. It doesn't seem like they're exerting enough force to actually strangle your foe, but <he/she/it> seems to be gasping for breath anyway.
    Your foe raises <his/her/its> weapon, but <name> whispers "You will not," and <he/she/it> begins shaking uncontrollably.
    As your opponent moves to attack you, <name> whispers the exact date and time of <him/her/it> death. <He/She/It> looks at his watch, and doesn't like what <he/she/it> sees.[sic]?
    <name> swoops in front of your opponent, preventing <him/her/it> from hitting you.
    <name> brushes your foe's temples with its wispy tendrils, and <his/her/its> eyes roll back into <his/her/its> head, and <he/she/it> stops moving for a minute. Weird.
    <name> wraps your opponent in ghostly pasta tendrils. This doesn't actually obstruct <him/her/it> physically, but <he/she/it> does seem disinclined to move.


  • Angel Hair Wisp names follow a specific pattern - they are two syllables long, each syllable starting with "sh" and ending with a random vowel. Some examples are "Sheshuu", "Shashoo", "Shoshii", and "Shushee".
  • Each time the Angel Hair Wisp gains a level, an additional vowel is added to an alternating syllable - for example, the name "Shishaa" will expand to "Shiishaa" at level 2 and "Shiishaaa" at level 3.


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