All Done!

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All Done!

After hyping up the party:

You approach the house to find it being pumped full of knockout gas by the local police. Looks like you got it too hyped up, and the neighbors called the cops. Oh well.
You hear a "psssst" from some bushes in a neighbor's yard. The kid from earlier pops his head out. "Thanks! It didn't last long, but you really juiced things up in there."

After bringing down the partiers:

You enter the house to find it... completely empty. You're done!
"Thanks a lot," says the worried kid from earlier. "My parents are going to kill me, but thanks to you they'll kill me slightly less."
You consider asking him if he needs any help cleaning up, but then you realize that you don't actually want to help him clean up.

After getting the meat:

You enter the house and find it empty except for the worried-looking kid from before. You hand him the Meat you've collected.
"The DJ got so mad that he scared everybody else off by threatening to sue them," he says.
"Well, you'd better go pay him then."
"Yeah. I really wish there was a way to play music at a party without having to pay a professional with a big record collection to do it for you. Oh well. This is the world we live in I guess."

After clearing the trash:

You enter the house to find it empty except for the worried-looking kid from before.
"I'm not sure what happened," he says. "everybody just left after you finished cleaning up."
"Maybe they were just here for the trash?" you reply with a shrug.

Take your leave

You turn to leave, and the kid taps you on the shoulder. "Thanks again. Take this."

Npartyfavor.gifYou acquire an item: Neverending Party favor

or (if quest was started in Hard Mode)

Npartyfavor2.gifYou acquire an item: deluxe Neverending Party favor

Occurs at The Neverending Party after completing the assigned quest.