Alice's Army Sniper

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Alice's Army Sniper
Alice's Army Sniper

Name:Indy "Good Eye" Mate
Age: 69
Suit: Spade

Little is known of the intimate details of sniper Indy Mate's life. Little is cared about those details, either, so long as Indy remains the best-eyed sniper in Alice's Army, and even at his advanced age, no one can outshoot him. He can shoot the left leg off a fly from a hundred yards away, and perforate a card soldier before the soldier even knows he's a marked card.

Ironically, Indy has to wear glasses to read or play Mah-Jongg, his two favorite hobbies. His famed vision gets worse and worse the nearer he must focus, so the safest place to be if Indy's on your trail is standing directly in front of him.

Selling Price: 15 Meat.

(In-game plural: Alice's Army Snipers)
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Obtained From

Pack of Alice's Army Cards (0-1)

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