Alice's Army Hammerman

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Alice's Army Hammerman
Alice's Army Hammerman

Name:Jack "Hammer" Thyme
Age: 23
Suit: Club

When a sword is too sharp and a spear is too subtle, only the venerable battle hammer will do. Such was the lesson young Jack Thyme learned when he first picked up a hammer and felt like it was an extension of -- well, not of his fists, exactly, but let's not delve too deeply into the particulars. Suffice to say, Jack was born to hammer.

His first attempt to join Alice's Army failed, though, because he chose a ball-peen hammer, and his fellow recruits were too busy sniggering about "balls" and "peen" to take him seriously. He considered quitting, but decided he was too legitimate to do so. So he switched to the sledgehammer, and let there be no doubt about it: you can't touch this. Er, 'this,' of course, being Jack's hammering skills. Proper.

Selling Price: 10 Meat.

(In-game plural: Alice's Army Hammermen)
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Obtained From

Pack of Alice's Army Cards (0-1)


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