Ah'wheem'ah-whep, the Priest

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As you head out to Trick or Treat, a guy in some kind of ceremonial robes accosts you. "Ah, finally, you have returned, my lord!" he shouts. "Long have your faithful followers awaited the triumphant resurrection of Ba'Wit-Da'ba-B'dang-B'dang!" He pulls something out of the pocket of his robe and tosses it to you. "Here, my lord, eat this and grow strong! We shall begin the necessary sacrifices to ensure you will return to full strength just in time for the Great Alignment!" The priest walks away, shouting "Ab-cruncha! Prepare the virgins, the goat, and the virgin goats!"

You head off into town, but you trip over a drunken hobo and get gick all over your mummy costume. Oh, well, at least you got some delicious . . . um, delicious chocolate-covered flesh-eating insect.

Chocscarab.gifYou acquire an item: chocolate-covered scarab beetle

Occurs when Trick or Treating with a mummy costume equipped.



  • The priest's name "Ah'wheem'ah-whep" is taken from the chorus of The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens.
  • The name of the master whom the priest is expecting is taken from the song Bawitdaba by Kid Rock.
  • The named of the presumed acolyte/goatherd is a reference to the Ab Cruncher, a gimmicky exercise machine that was sold briefly via infomercial.