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This is a list of common acronyms and initialisms used within the KoL community.

Acronym Meaning Type
AAR Anti-Antiraffle Chat - Games
AC Advanced Cocktailcrafting Skills
AHBG Ancient Hobo Burial Ground Adventuring Areas
AoB Avatar of Boris Ascension
AoJ Avatar of Jarlsberg Ascension
AoSP Avatar of Sneaky Pete Ascension
APJ awful poetry journal Items
AR Antiraffle Chat - Games
AT Accordion Thief Classes
BALLS Basic Automated Loathing Language Scripts Miscellaneous
BB Buddy Bjorn Items
BBB Baby Bugged Bugbear or Bulky Buddy Box Familiars
BHH Bounty Hunter Hunter Miscellaneous
BHY Bees Hate You Ascension
BM Bad Moon Ascension
BRC bottle-rocket crossbow Items
BTR Belch The Rainbow Skills
CAF custom avatar form Items
CBS crazy bastard sword Items
CCW Counterclockwise Watch Items
CoT Crown of Thrones Items
DB Disco Bandit Classes
DC Display Case Miscellaneous
DCDB the Display Case Database Miscellaneous
DD Daily Dungeon Adventuring Areas
DFSS Double-Fisted Skull Smashing Skills
DMS dense meat stack Items
DoD Dungeons of Doom Adventuring Areas
FFS Falls-From-Sky Monsters
FoB Feast of Boris Holidays
GAP Greatest American Pants Items
GGG Gluttonous Green Ghost Familiars
GMA Golden Mr. Accessory Items
GMOB Guy Made Of Bees Monsters
HC Hardcore Ascension
HCB Hardcore Boozetafarian Ascension
HCNP Hardcore No Path Ascension
HCO Hardcore Oxygenarian Ascension
HCT Hardcore Teetotaler Ascension
HitS Hole in the Sky Adventuring Areas
HOA Homeowners' Association Monsters
HM Hard Mode (Dreadsylvania bosses) Miscellaneous
HP Hit Points or Hardcore Permanent (when talking about skills) Miscellaneous
IDMG incredibly dense meat gem Items
IotM Item of the Month Miscellaneous
IRL In Real Life Miscellaneous
ISoRE Irritating Series of Random Encounters Monsters
JEW/JEW hat jewel-eyed wizard hat Items
KGE Knob Goblin Elite Guard Uniform (Guard Uniform) Items
KLP Key lime pie Items
KoL Kingdom of Loathing Miscellaneous
LEW Legendary Epic Weapon Items
LFM Lobsterfrogman Monsters
LTS Lunging Thrust-Smack Skills
MCD The various Monster Aggravation Devices (originally only the Mind-Control Device) Miscellaneous
ML Monster Level Miscellaneous
MMG Money Making Game Miscellaneous
MMJ magical mystery juice Items - Consumables
MP Mana, Muscularity, or Mojo Points Miscellaneous
MPA Meat per Adventure Miscellaneous
Mr. A Mr. Accessory Items
Mr. A Jr. Mr. Accessory Jr. Items
Ms. A Ms. Accessory Items
NO Noblesse Oblige Miscellaneous
NPZR Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot Familiars
NS or NS1/NS2/NS3 Naughty Sorceress or her various forms Ascension
NS11 Pre-NS13 era (Naughty Sorceress Quest at level 11) Ascension
NS13 Post-NS11 era (Naughty Sorceress Quest at level 13) Ascension
O.A.F. or OAF Optimal Ascension Familiar Familiars
OP Original Post(er) (used on the forums) Chat
PBS Pygmy Bugbear Shaman Familiars
PISSSED Pull It, Smith, Smash, and Suck 'Er Down. Ascension
PLD Purple Light District Adventuring Areas
PM Private Message (a.k.a. Blue Message)or Pastamancer Chat/Classes
PSA Public Sale Announcement Chat - Games
PYEC Platinum Yendorian Express Card Items
RL Real Life Miscellaneous
RNG Random Number Generator Miscellaneous
RPG role-playing game Miscellaneous
SBIP sword behind inappropriate prepositions Items
SC Softcore or Seal Clubber Ascension/Classes
SCNP Softcore No Path Ascension
SCO Softcore Oxygenarian Ascension
SFF Sugar Fruit Fairy Familiars
SGEEA soft green echo eyedrop antidote Items - Consumables
SHC Superhuman Cocktailcrafting Skills
SR Sauceror or semi-rare Classes/Miscellaneous
SSPD St. Sneaky Pete's Day Holidays
TP Tiny Plastic or toilet paper Items
TPS tiny plastic sword Items
TPTB The Powers That Be (a.k.a. the developers and maintainers of Loathing) Miscellaneous
TPTMBG The Powers That Might Be Giants (a bastardization of TPTB and TMBG) Miscellaneous
TT Turtle Tamer or Traveling Trader Classes
WAF Wizard Action Figure Familiars
WotSF Way of the Surprising Fist Ascension
WTB Want To Buy Chat - Trade
WTH Want To Hire (for various clan dungeon-related things, usually Dreadsylvania-related) Chat - Trade
WTS Want To Sell Chat - Trade
WTT Want To Trade Chat - Trade
XP Experience Points (stat gain) Miscellaneous
YR/YORoIDS Yellow Ray (Yellow Obliterating Ray of Item Dropping Sexiness; name stems from first source, the He-Boulder's yellow beam) Miscellaneous
ZS Zombie Slayer Classes


  • For the few that share acronyms - SC, PM, TT, SR, PM, HP and BBB - they all tend to be context specific. We try and work with what we're given.