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As you're setting off for some Trick or Treating, a woman in long black robes and a pointy hat swoops down out of the sky on a broom, cackling evilly. She lands nearby and waves at you. "Greetings to you, fellow witch!"

"Er, hi," you say. She initiates some kind of complicated secret handshake, which you follow along with as best you can. She seems reasonably satisfied.

"How are you on brew?" she asks. "Can't get any good witching done without some brew on hand."

"Uh, well, actually I'm fresh out of brew..."

"Oh no problem dearie, I always carry around a few spare flasks." She digs around in her massive handbag and pulls out a black thermos with a cheerful little orange jack-o-lantern sticker on it. "Here you are!" she says, smiling pleasantly and handing it to you.

You thank her politely, and she climbs back onto her broomstick and waves goodbye as she flies off, with her head leaned forward so her pointy hat cuts the wind resistance.

Unfortunately, the breeze blows your hat off and it rolls away. Oh well.

Thermos.gifYou acquire an item: thermos of brew

Occurs when Trick or Treating with a witch hat equipped.