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You head off for some Trick or Treating, trying not to think too hard about the fact that you can still see with a bag over your head. I mean, it is an invisible bag, after all.

Suddenly, a man in tights and a gigantic ruffled collar runs up to you with a shocked expression on his face. "Sacré bleu! Mes yeux me trompent-ils? C'est le fantôme u[sic] Roi Louis!"


The man collapses to his knees in front of you, sobbing. "My liege! Your terrible execution, it has filled me with such grief and despair! I cannot concentrate, and I fear that my work suffers!" He holds up a plate of fancy-looking hors d'oeuvres. "Taste these canapés, sil[sic] vous plait! Tell me that they still have all the saveur of when I cooked for you in the palace!"

As you take the plate from him, he gasps and covers his mouth with one hand. "Zut alors! Quelle horreur! You have no mouth with which to taste the canapés, but only a cou-trou in which to put them!" He jumps to his feet and runs away shrieking, "No one shall taste my cuisine again! Aaiiieeeee!"

What an odd person. You take the invisible bag off your head to sniff at the plate -- it smells okay. Pretty good, even. Unfortunately, you lose the bag and can't manage to find it again. Damn.

Franksbeans.gifYou acquire an item: fancy canapés

Occurs when Trick or Treating with an invisible bag equipped.


  • The cou-trou in which you might put the canapés is (mangled) French for "neck-hole". The chef's first exclamation translates to "My goodness! Do my eyes deceive me? It's the ghost of King Louis!"