A crowd of monsters

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A crowd of monsters
A crowd of monsters

As you head of[sic] to Trick and/or Treat, you find yourself surrounded by a crowd of people in incredibly convincing costumes: there's a trio of vampires, a couple of witches, some kind of sea monster, even a giant zombie-looking-guy with an axe stuck in his head. A little kid made up to look like a corpse with his eyes sewn shut wraps himself around your leg, and you can't shake him off.

"Hail to the Pumpkin King!" he shouts, and the rest of the crowd echoes back, "HAIL TO THE PUMPKIN KING!"

The crowd lifts you up and starts carrying you toward the Gigantic Superfluous Fountain. The sea monster hands you a steaming mug of cider. All in all, this is the best Halloween you've had since the time you soaped Old Man Peterson's windows.

"Drink up!" the sea monster says, "it's almost time to light you on fire and throw you in the fountain!"

You decide that, all things considered, you'd rather not be the Pumpkin King. You pull the pumpkin off of your head, shout, "CATCH!" to the creepy corpse kid, and run away as fast as you can, while not spilling any cider.

You should try dressing as Uncle Crimbo next year -- that's got to be safer.

Coffeecup.gifYou acquire an item: mulled cider

Occurs when Trick or Treating with a pumpkinhead mask equipped.


  • This whole adventure is a reference to the Nightmare Before Christmas. During the first song you meet all the main monsters, which are described in the first paragraph. At the end of the song Jack sets himself on fire and jumps into the fountain in the town square as the crowd signs "Hail to the Pumpkin King!"