A Room With a View... Of a Bed

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A Room With a View... Of a Bed
A Room With a View... Of a Bed

You head upstairs into one of the bedrooms. It contains a bed, which looks clean enough for you to take a nap on, if that's something that appeals to you right now.

It also contains a shelf full of ancient mystical tomes, which is slightly out of place. The people who own this house must be wizards, or at least wizardry enthusiasts. You could leaf through those if you're of a mind to expand your mind.

Take a quick nap  Full HP/MP recovery

You grab an eye mask and some earplugs from the nightstand and settle in for a nap. You dream about used earplugs.

HPYou gain all hit points.
MPYou gain all Mana Points.

Read the tomes

You lie back on the bed and peruse the arcane tomes. Before you know it, an hour has passed, but to you it's like an hour and twelve minutes has passed, because your understanding of time and space has increased by 20%.

Book4.gifYou acquire an effect: Tomes of Opportunity
(duration: 20 Adventures)

Once per day if you are trying to amp up the party and (probably) if you have a Very small red dress in your inventory:

Toss the red dress on the lamp

You toss a red dress over the shade of the bedside lamp, making the atmosphere a lot sexier, at least until the house burns down. As you leave the bedroom, six or eight couples hurry through the door to take your place.

Once per day if you are trying to clear guests and (probably) if you have a Jam band bootleg in your inventory:

Pop a bootleg in the stereo

You toss the jam band bootleg into the stereo and crank it up. You hear a whole crowd of people downstairs start complaining and then leave.

Once per day if you are trying to collect meat for the DJ:

Crack the safe  [Requires 300 Moxie]

If you have at least 300 Moxie:

You find 975-1047 Meat in the safe, which you contribute to the DJ's bill.

If you have less than 300 Moxie:

Cracking the safe requires 300 Moxie. Didn't you read the text next to the button?

Occurs at The Neverending Party as a result of going upstairs in It Hasn't Ended, It's Just Paused.