A Meditation Mat

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A Meditation Mat is located in Crimbo Town

Meditation Mat
  • On first visit:

You sit down on the mat and close your eyes, attempting to meditate on your bung. You feel really silly about this at first, but eventually you manage to push that feeling away -- after all, it's probably not the silliest thing you've ever done in your adventures. You breathe deeply and slowly, and clear your mind of all thought.

At first, everything is dark. Not a scary darkness, merely an absence of light and all other stimuli. Everything is very still and calm. Then, a hazy, indistinct outline begins to appear. As you focus on it, it resolves into a silhouette of your own body, as though you're seeing it from above. A dim red light flickers at... well, at the bottom, right where you might've guessed your Bung chakra would be located. The light is obscured by writhing shadows -- presumably the spiritual "gunk" that Tammy said you needed to clean out. Fortunately, it looks like you can solve this problem the same way you solve pretty much every problem you encounter: by fighting it.

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Bung Chakra (1)
Guts Chakra (1)
Liver Chakra (1)
Nipple Chakra (1)
Nose Chakra (1)
Hat Chakra (1)

Back in the days when the workings of the body and mind were so poorly understood that barbers were doing surgery, people attributed all these constant mental naggings about old embarrassments and mistakes to a little invisible demon that rode on your shoulder, whispering terrible things in your ear to make you crazy. Nowadays, we know that the culprit is actually just your own brain, being a huge jerk for no good reason.

Time to show it who's the boss around here. You're fighting Your Brain.