A Drawer of Chests

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A Drawer of Chests
A Drawer of Chests

You see a handle made of rope sticking out of the sand behind one of the tents in the Mer-Kin Outpost. You swim a little higher and see there's also a giant "X" on the sand there, with the cross of the letter right where the handle is. Well, that looks pretty promising...

You grab the handle and draw the chest out of the sand, straining and hauling until you've got it out. It's got a distinctive heft and rattle when shaken that makes you suspect it's full of undersea riches.

Open the chest

You open the chest and see it's full to bursting with sand dollars. With all this loot, you could build an entire sand castle! Well, I mean, you can just build a sand castle for free, but with the sand dollars, you could pay someone to build one for you! Then you could knock it down and pretend you're Godzilla, because that is awesome.

Sanddollar.gifYou acquire 15-20 sand dollars

Occurs at The Mer-Kin Outpost, semi-rarely.