... Grow Unspeakable Horrors

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... Grow Unspeakable Horrors
... Grow Unspeakable Horrors

You stumble back onto the place where you planted the Underworld acorn last year, and sure enough, the evil little sapling is still there, right where you left it. Slightly larger and more evil, and slightly more animated, but definitely the same sapling.

It hisses as you near it, and abruptly uproots itself to lunge at you. It falls flat as soon as its roots come free of the ground, and lies there helpless, like the world's most evil wooden turtle.

Pick it up

Against your better judgement, you pick up the sapling and stuff it into your sack.

Uwsapling.gifYou acquire an item: Underworld sapling

Occurs at The Arrrboretum on Arrrbor Day, if you planted an Underworld acorn on a previous Arrrbor Day.